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Avantpbc Chemical Technologies Co, Ltd. is majored in providing high quality of peptides(Durg peptides and custom peptide synthesis),related products and services for your drug discovery and development projects. Our production research and development center is located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province,which is equipped with HPLC ,Glass reactors,Freezer dryer,Pure water preparation instrument and so on. Our staffs were experienced at organic synthesis and peptide synthesis. The majority of them had working experience in domestic well-known chemical or biological company, thus they have a rich experience in peptide synthesis, CRO and drug R&D.In order to provide customers with more convenient services, the office and marketing department was located in Shanghai City.

Avantpbc Company have the knowledge and expertise to offer optimal peptide solutions to our customers. We are focused at building “The most reliable source of raw materials for research applications”,and do our best to create a better user experience with a fast turnaround time.