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Description:Teduglutide is a 33-membered polypeptide and glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) analog that is used for the treatment of short bowel syndrome. It differs from natural GLP-2 by a single amino acid: an alanine is replaced with a glycine. This blocks breaking down of the molecule by dipeptidyl peptidase and increases its half-life from seven minutes (GLP-2) to about two hours, while retaining its biological actions.Teduglutide works by promoting mucosal growth and possibly restoring gastric emptying and secretion. In Europe it has been granted orphan drug status and is marketed under the brand Revestive by Nycomed. It was approved by the United States under the name Gattex on 21 December 2012 and also is an orphan drug there.

Teduglutide in Avantpbc(Only use for research,not be used on Humans)


Cas:197922-42-2  MF:C164H252N44O55S  MW:3752.13

Productive process:Not from E. coli-expressed,

Synthesised by SPPS(Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis).Purified with HPLC method.

QC: HPLC>95% ,Mass.Peptide Content >80%,Water Content <8%.