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   Avantpbc company use liquid phase and solid phase fmoc peptide chemistries, streamlined production. We continue to make significant technological advances to support your research. We specialize in the production of difficult custom peptides from milligram to multi gramscale. To meet diverse request from different customers, We supply peptides with different purity, from crude(50%) to 99% and desalted. All peptides are quality checked by HPLC & mass spectrometry. Of course, additional analytical data (e.g., sequencing, amino acid analysis) is available upon request. The specific analytical data sheet of each batch is sent with every product. We offer the best value in the industry, producing high quality peptides with a fast turnaround time.

Avantpbc Company have the knowledge and expertise to offer optimal custom peptide solutions to our customers. We routinely completes difficult peptide synthesis such as synthesis of peptides containing unusual modifications (biotinylation, methylation, phosphorylation, sulfonation, thiobenzyl ester, pegylation, small Protein conjugations), cyclic peptides, FRET peptides, and many more.  Click here to see the particular of Modifications for reference.

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