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Our ANP is under the ISO9001. We have the complete , scientific , stringent executive standards and procedures in every place. In our laboratory, the HPLC and other instruments are be armed to ensure the materials and products are eligible.Each of material and product are through the layer upon layer of inspection.

Test item as fellow:

The materials of amino acid or the products of amino acid
Appearance ; Purity (HPLC or assay) ; Optical Purity ; TLC ;
       Element analysis(C、H、N) ; Specific Rotation ; Clarity of solution ;Kaiser Test ;
       Water content (K.F.) ; Loss on drying ; IR Spectrum ; Mass Spectrum ;
       NMR Spectrum ;
       (Different amino acids choose the different test items,not all)
The materials of peptide or the products of peptide
Appearance ; Purity(HPLC) ; Mass Spectrum ; Water content (K.F.) *
       Element analysis(C、H、N)* ; Ion Chromatography (salted content)* ;  
       Amino acid Analysis *;others * ;
       * Customer needs,the extra charge